About Liquid Sport Psychology.

Liquid Sport Psychology specialise in elite junior sports. We have been involved in elite junior tennis for the past 15 years and have comprehensive knowledge and insight about elite junior sport. Our philosophy is based on doctoral research, and we work tirelessly to help junior performers excel in their chosen sports.

We pride ourselves on creating strong relationships with junior athletes, their coaches, and their parents. We work as part of the athlete triad to create individualised personal action plans so talented juniors can thrive in their athletic fields, throughout their junior career and beyond. We believe strong, positive relationships are vital for juniors to reach their potential.

Sport psychology is the study of how the mind influences sport performance and how sport performance influences the mind. The interrelated nature of how mind affects performance and how performance affects mind means that sport psychology is a liquid concept. Coaches, athletes, and their parents must adapt when the challenge of achieving high-level performance affects how we understand ourselves in a sporting context.

Sport provides similar challenges to those we experience in everyday life – competition, managing relationships, resolving conflicts, evaluating success, maintaining confidence, coping with stressors. Liquid Sport Psychology uses bespoke models to help elite sporting juniors and coaches understand sporting challenges. Once you strip away abstract sports science theory you see sporting challenges for what they really are, the same challenges we face and overcome in everyday life.

For Athletes

For Coaches.

Our research into coaching elite junior tennis players is published by the world governing body of
tennis (The International Tennis Federation). Coaches like athletes must get the best out of themselves so that they can help athletes. It is important that coaches receive support to sustain their professional performance and have the confidence to develop their coaching philosophies.

Liquid Sport Psychology uses a model of expertise development that can help coaches understand how and why the challenging nature of coaching can influence their effectiveness, their motivation, and their professional self-understanding.

We use our research and specialist analysis to give coaches further insight into coaching from 3 different perspectives – player / coach / parent.

For example:

Athlete related issues – Empathetic accuracy between coach and player, player meta perspectives and their effect on player behaviour, talent development environment.

Parent related issues – Unintentional pressure, reverse dependency, power relations in the athlete triad.

Coach related issues – Self-employment, competition between coaches, professional self-understanding.

We work with coaches to create an individualised personal development programmes or simply to educate and improve their understanding of the psychology of coaching, sport pedagogy, coach-athlete relationships, coach-parent relationships, and professional self-understanding.

Join our Coping with “Coaching in Covid” course to discuss challenges with like minded coaches.  Share ideas, learn from others, support your coaching community, and gain theoretical insight.

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My Work

For Athletes.


Liquid Sport Psychology adopts a philosophy based on learning, understanding, and accepting sporting challenges. Initial consultation involves identifying the issues that impact on athletes’ sporting performance.

We use a self-reflective approach to help athletes understand why their mindset affects physical performance. We work with junior athletes, the coach, and their parents to create an individualised personal development programme. We give insight into challenges such as:

Fear of underperforming
Nervousness / pressure
Low confidence
Anger that has negative impact on performance
Losing concentration

When athletes understand their challenges with greater clarity, we use a bespoke athlete development model to help athletes cope effectively with their challenges and thrive at their chosen sport.

We offer the following services to junior athletes:

One to one coaching (face to face, telephone, skype, or Zoom)
Tournament visits
Group classroom based seminars

My Research.


My work is published by the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA), International Tennis Federation (ITF), and Sport Coaching Review. A list of my peer review articles are listed below:

“The Challenges Facing Young Tennis Coaches” (ITF) – Download here

“Accepting The Challenges Of Coaching. How Experienced Coaches Adapt – (ITF) Download here

“Preoccupation with results can be damaging for young coaches”(ITF) Download here
An autoethnography showing the effects of anxiety on a young coaches’ behaviour.




If you would like to find out more information about the services on offer please use the form below or call Dr Callum Gowling on 0787 2990251

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