Liquid Sport Psychology specialise in elite junior sports. We have been involved in elite junior tennis for the past 15 years and have comprehensive knowledge and insight about elite junior sport. Our philosophy is based on doctoral research, and we work tirelessly to help junior performers excel in their chosen sports.

We pride ourselves on creating strong relationships with junior athletes, their coaches, and their parents. We work as part of the athlete triad to create individualised personal action plans so talented juniors can thrive in their athletic fields, throughout their junior career and beyond. We believe strong, positive relationships are vital for juniors to reach their potential.

Sport psychology is the study of how the mind influences sport performance and how sport performance influences the mind. The interrelated nature of how mind affects performance and how performance affects mind means that sport psychology is a liquid concept. Coaches, athletes, and their parents must adapt when the challenge of achieving high-level performance affects how we understand ourselves in a sporting context.

Sport provides similar challenges to those we experience in everyday life – competition, managing relationships, resolving conflicts, evaluating success, maintaining confidence, coping with stressors. Liquid Sport Psychology uses bespoke models to help elite sporting juniors and coaches understand sporting challenges. Once you strip away abstract sports science theory you see sporting challenges for what they really are, the same challenges we face and overcome in everyday life.